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Transgender youth suffer from higher rates of anxiety and depression than their peers, and Trans kids admit to suicidal ideation during their teenage years by some estimates of 50%. The number one responsibility of any lawmaker, whether on a school governing board or the state legislature, should be the safety and well-being of ALL children regardless of anyone's views on morality, religion, and legalities.

I am LGBTQIA+ friendly candidate for the Scottsdale School Board. LGBTQIA+ kids deserve to feel safe and supported in their schools. I will be active in supporting LGBTQIA+ students, parents, teachers, staff members, and the larger LGBTQIA+ community if elected to the Scottsdale School Board.

If elected as a Scottsdale School Board member, I will:

- Work to make sure the school district is a safe space for LGBTQI+ students, staff members, and their families regardless of race, ethnicity, disability status, or immigration status. We need to ensure everyone feels included in our schools so they can succeed academically.

- Speak out against hate speech on social media and in real life. I will make sure LGBTQIA+ youth know they are not alone, that the Scottsdale School District has their back no matter what.

- Fight for LGBTQIA+ students who struggle due to bullying or harassment at school by pushing administrators to create consequences for those engaging in this behavior. We need effective anti-bullying programs in our schools, and we need to make sure LGBTQIA+ students are included in these anti-bullying initiatives, not just LGBTQIA+ issues for school boards and staff members to "deal with" when they come up."

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. This is how I was raised, what I believe, and what I will fight for if elected.

Robb Vaules

Candidate, Scottsdale Unified No. 48 Governing Board

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