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Alternative Fuel School Vehicles

School buses are an important part of the American educational system, responsible for transporting millions of students to and from home daily. In recent years, there has been an increasing push to move school districts away from traditional gas and diesel-powered buses in favor of alternative fuel options. Electric school buses, for example, offer many advantages over their fossil fuel-powered counterparts. They produce zero emissions, meaning they are much better for the environment. They are also quieter than traditional school buses, which can significantly benefit students with special needs who are sensitive to noise. CNG-powered buses also produce significantly fewer emissions than diesel-powered buses and are another alternative fuel vehicle option that districts can consider.

While some challenges are associated with moving to alternative fuel school buses, such as the initial cost of investment and the need to install charging or CNG infrastructure, the benefits far outweigh the challenges. Alternative fuel buses can be more reliable and require less maintenance than their petrol-powered counterparts. As a result, they can offer significant savings for school districts over the long term. School districts that switch to alternative fuel buses will do their part to protect the environment and help ensure a bright future for future generations.

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