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Banning Books

Recently, a group of parents in the Scottsdale District have targeted attacks on certain books in our public schools.  This is horrific, and it conveys that knowledge and information should be feared and censored. This can prevent our students from forming their own opinions on controversial topics. Scottsdale USD students need to be exposed to various viewpoints and ideas to develop into well-informed adults.

If you are a Scottsdale USD parent and are concerned about which books your child is reading, focus on your child.  Find different educational opportunities that match your beliefs but don’t limit the academic freedom that other students enjoy.  Book banning is harmful to our students and our democracy as it restricts our freedom of speech.  It silences voices that may not agree with the status quo. This is dangerous, as it prevents critical thinking and open dialogue. Our democracy depends on an informed populace that can freely express their opinions.

Possible Repercussions

The College Board, the organization that provides programs and services for college readiness, including the SAT exam and Advanced Placement Programs, has said that if a school district removes content or bans certain books, they reserve the right to terminate a district’s AP credit affiliation.  Imagine Scottsdale USD losing our AP programs and what it would mean to the future college prospects of every child in our district.  Those actively seeking to ban books are causing harm to our community and our students’ future opportunities.

Ultimately, book banning in any public school is bad for students, democracy, and free speech. We should be encouraging intellectual curiosity and open dialogue, not censorship.  Let's work to keep the Scottsdale USD free from book bans!

What Can You Do?

Please share this message on social media. Tell your friends that you are concerned about radical elements banning books and attacking our teachers and administrators.  Giving $10, $25, even $50 to my campaign means that I have the resources to fight back against extremist national big-money groups wanting to control our local school board. Can you donate right now to help me protect public education?

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